You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about My Mechanic Auto Service:

Honest, knowledgeable, fast - and friendly staff! Hard to find those qualities today in any business - My Mechanic repaired my car in one day on budget. I went back a second time and had the same excellent service / experience. I've already recommended My Mechanic to friends & neighbors. Won't take my car anywhere else. They even surprised me by telling me that my car had an open recall; I've owned my car for three years and my previous mechanic in CA never told me that! They really went above and beyond - I was very impressed.

Diane H.

This place was great. I would definitely return if I ever have car trouble again and I would recommend it to a friend as well. The staff was super friendly and their work was quick. This is the kind of shop that others should strive to be like. There's also an adorable dog there that will put a smile on your face if that's your kind of thing, it was for me.

Omar C.

Honest! Twice other mechanics told me I needed something done on my car. Twice I?ve taken it to My Mechanic and they?ve given the car a thorough inspection and found nothing wrong! This is now our forever mechanic. And now that they have a second location in Henderson, it?s so much more convenient!

Celina T.

Excellent customer service and Fast repairs at a reasonable price. If you want it done right the first time, use this shop. Workmanship that's far above the rest. I would not hesitate to say that they are the best shop that I have encountered in Vegas. They are even honest with their diagnosis and quotes. Unbelievable. Didn't know people like them even existed anymore.

Gerald R.

I LOVE this shop! Whenever I have an issue with my car these are the people I turn to. Not only do they get the job done and done correctly but they do it in a way that makes me feel at ease. They are patient and explain what is wrong with my car that makes me feel like an equal and not a scared individual. They also find the best possible price for me and my wallet. Unlike many other shops I was quoted outrages prices that would have bankrupted me years ago but they always make a deal for me that not only is amazing but the part is also in perfect condition. The mechanics even worked over time on my car when it was proven with difficult tasks and without complaint! This shop is the best and i am so blessed to have found them and placed under their protect wing!

Moriah B.

Huge thank you to ?My Mechanic? got stranded in Vegas while on vacation due to a bad alternator. These guys were amazing in helping me get back on the road ASAP. Very friendly and professional. Saved the rest of my trip. Recommend them to anyone looking for great service. Thank you guys, for everything.

Nick E.

Exceptional service. Needed my power steering to be working again and mymechanic/Peter diagnosed and fixed the problem within reasonable time. Not only that Karen was able to assist me over the phone and schedule Frank to scoop me up in order to get my car back:))) what customer service! Very user friendly and shall return

Jeremiah J.

I've owned my car 2 years and it's been overheating since it's been to one shop 3 times in one day because they couldn't figure it out big o gave me a quote for $885, my mechanic gave me a quote of $750 which ended up being $713! Nathan was absolutely wonderful, a real mechanic he got the job done right the first time and it feels great to be able to sit at a light without my car smoking or overheating he didn't try to scam me because I was a woman and was very honest. He kept me in the loop on what he was doing I will now only bring my car to them. Great job!

Lashay H.

We walked in with a problem on a Saturday evening. They weren?t only one of the few auto shops open, but also helped us out really fast! Nathan was very nice and helpful! Loved our experience here! If you?re deciding where to go to get your car fixed, go here!

Tomiris M.

Awesome experience! I knew it was time to get my car serviced but fear kept me from doing so. I was afraid of being scammed but Bonnie at My Mechanic put my fears to rest. I got some major work done on my car and at a great rate. I was even able to sit in the lobby and work from my laptop using their wifi while my car was being taken care of. I now feel very comfortable having my car serviced when needed. They also do a great job of letting you know exactly what they are doing. I pulled off the lot instantly feeling the difference in the way my Saturn drove. Would highly recommend

Zvaneydie A.

Words can't even begin to explain how grateful I am that I found "My Mechanic". As you'll see from my previous review they took care of me when I was wary for going to a mechanic as I feared being ripped off. Once again, I came in for a new issue and they went above and beyond to ensure the kids and I weren't driving around HOT Las Vegas without a working AC. Bonnie brought me to tears with how awesome they are. They have a lifetime customer with me.

Vanity A.

This place was awesome! I had an emergency and they helped me on the spot! They were polite and helpful all the way through! This will be my place to go from now on! Lui was very professional and provided the highest quality of customer service!

Pocoyo V.

LOVE THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Im from California and was visiting. Went on google and found them. They Helped us fast even though we went in as a walk-in customer they took us as first priority. Explained very well in what was wrong and what they were going to do before they even started. Nathan, Roman and Brandon where exellent in helping and working on my vehicle. I would recommend locals to go here. Hands down 5 stars!! Thanks guys!

Shareefa M.

Would definitely recommend this shop to anyone in Las Vegas. We drove here from northern Alberta Canada and had wheel bearings go out on our truck. They went beyond what I was expecting to make sure our truck was fixed as quick as possible and made it as affordable as they could especially with our Canadian currency. They even drove us back to our hotel which was on the opposite side of the city.

Evan E.

Louis and Bonnie were so helpful and sweet! They stayed late on New Year's Weekend to finish fixing our car. Thank you guys for everything! Also the massage chairs are $1 and last 5 minutes.

Abby S.

They did an amazing job washing my car! It went in filthy and covered in bugs, and came out looking better than a new car! Awesome people too!

Courtney H.

In a world where you're at the mechanics Mercy, I found a great mechanic, in Nathan, saved me a bundle and I was on the road in no time! Honesty is hard to find!

Brett B.

The Customer Service and attention you receive is amazing, This family has done wonderfully and honest repairs. There is also a great Detail Department that has state of the art ways to make your car seem new.

Ishman E.

Bonnie and Tim really were the best. Their knowledge and customer service was beyond my greatest expectations. You have got to go and let them make you a believer. I was skeptical but now they truly are and will be "My Mechanic". For those who know me you know I don't do referrals but I couldn't keep this company's excellence to myself.


My brakes went out one afternoon. They had it fixed and back on the road the same day. Everybody from the owner sown to the mechanic were helpful and friendly. I will be going back.

Troy R.

My car is with them being repaired. I only found them two days ago on google and I'm happy I did. They are so nice, helpful, and even helped me get home. I will be recommending then to all my friends and anyone else I come across!!! OK I got my car back and I am more than pleased. She is running like a brand new car!!! Mo took very good care of her and even kept me informed on every step that needed done. His prices were excellent and so was the job. And I thank his sister very much for coming to get me from home to pick up the car. My Mechanic Auto Service you are the picture of excellence!!!!

Genie R.

HIGHLY recommend!! I had a Stratus that I had taken to all the mechanics in town - honestly 10-12, and none of them could fix it. This went on for two years. I was finally referred to Ibraham at Smadi auto and my car was finally fixed! I had a Camry that I sent there as well with excellent results. I have recommended him to employees, residents and friends. I sent his number with the Stratus when I sold it and with the Camry when my sister took it. If I ever have a problem with my new car, he will be the only person I allow to work on it. It's hard to find a good, honest mechanic who doesn't rob you. I am so happy to have found him!

Jenna A.

Had minor issues with the car after driving into Vegas for the weekend. Smadi repaired it super quickly and every one was very friendly. If I lived in Vegas, these guys would be my mechanics.

Salvador R.

I was there for a car wash, they help a lot in the community by allowing kids organizations to use their installations for a fundraising, that says a lot of them!! Keep up the good work!

Juan S.

Stranded and didn't know why my car wouldn't start. I got it towed to My Mechanic and they were very professional. Not quit sure why my car wouldn't start but they did everything diagnostic tests and made sure my car was safe to drive home back to Los Angeles California. Thanks again Jake and his mechanics.

Myia G.

The folks at My Mechanic are first rate in every possible sense. They stayed within their original quote for a sizable job, finished right when they said they would, and stayed open a bit late to accommodate me. The long-time Las Vegas resident owner is an Air Force Veteran, and they support veterans throughout our community. I have finally found My Mechanic!

Angela H.

They saved my life today! Was told my van had a blown head gasket at a place down the street! Decided to take it somewhere else and based on reviews I ended up here! Turned out to be a radiator cap!!! That's a big difference! I ended up getting home safely with my little ones! Brandon and Bonnie were very friendly and super friendly! I would trust this mechanic, My Mechanic!

Marie K.

I bring my 93 Toyota Corolla (Rose) here to get detailed. They are friendly, fast, and the prices are very reasonable. The staff is friendly, and helpful.

Scott P.

These guys are awesome helped us out and kept us on the road!

Alexander S.